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Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants Tessieri, Ph.D.

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After interesting and varied careers as high school history teacher, office manager/paralegal, registered lobbyist in DC and church history professor for twenty years at academic institutions both in the US and in Europe, Phyllis has launched out on her own as a consultant/educator for local congregations and businesses.  Her focus is thinking historically in order to participate in creating the future.  As one friend said, she is a historian of the future — neither trying to recreate the past nor idealize the past, but use the past to build on and point to the future.  Her pedagogy is using a workshop format to stimulate collaborative learning in order to combat the attention blindness people exhibit about how organizations function in their context.  Particularly she is attuned to how organizations exhibit characteristics of dementia when they experience dislocation in their context.  What she enjoys is the imaginative integration of aspects of reality thus her “connecting history, dementia, leadership, organization, religion, baseball and rock music” motto. All of her work can be adapted for long-term study, weekend retreats, or one-time sessions.  Invite her to study your organization and work with your leaders on recognizing pointers to the future.

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