This is My Reality:  You are being paid to help me live it

Everyone’s experience with dementia is different.  There is no pattern, model or theory that is universally applicable.  Dementia is not a one size fits all life.  Eleven years as spouse and primary caregiver is the experiential basis for this workshop on the reality of living with dementia.

Every family has a history, every person in the family has a history, every healthcare professional has a history and these interact in dealing with the reality of dementia.  Small groups dealing with case studies is the approach used to examine this multi-faceted reality.  Aspects of the reality of dementia that contribute to the workshop:  Professional expectations, clear guidelines, anger – on the part of everyone, grief, partnership with family members – they may actually know the person better than you do, behavior – on the part of everyone, agency and in-home care.  CNAs have the most hands-on care of the person with dementia so their role is a major focus of this workshop.

The workshop is appropriate for beginning certification or continuing education for healthcare professionals.  Also it can be adapted for families living this reality.


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