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Leadership Workshops for Organizations

This is Reality.  Deal with It:  Organizational Dementia

   Often in a person dementia is not recognized until a dislocation occurs.  The dislocation does not cause the dementia but the change in context makes the disease visible.

   Likewise dementia is a metaphor for what happens to an organization when dislocation occurs.  The change in context, regardless of whether or not it is external, internal, economic, technological or personnel makes obvious the ways of conducting business that are no longer appropriate.

   The focus of the workshop is to learn from the dislocation what information has not been considered, why the diagnosis is not the diagnosis, what actions are being repeated for no reason, and how the end of life as the organization once knew it is not the end.


Long Ball, Small Ball, Stuck on Third Base

Using baseball and the different things a baseball organization has to do in order to score as metaphor, this workshop combines video clips, case studies and small group discussion to guide organizational leaders in examining their own internal and external contexts to discover where the organization is and what it has to do to “bring it home.”  The goal is to gain insight into the organization’s “attention blindness” that is inhibiting its ability to “bring it home,” i.e. deliver on what it promised.


EPIC:  Experiential, Participatory, Image Driven and Connection

Using the work of Dee Hock and Leonard Sweet this workshop focuses on transforming a “Build it and They Will Come” organization into an EPIC organization.  Chaordic and EPIC are two images for the organization that will thrive in the 21st century.  Using the history of your organization, film clips and small groups discern upon what you build to become EPIC in the current context.

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