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When the Christian Tradition Exhibits Characteristics of Dementia

By examining pivotal moments in the Christian tradition, specifically the rise of Islam in the 7th century and the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, participants are given time and guidance to explore the characteristics of dementia exhibited then, whether or not these characteristics are present in their own religious context, and what to do with their self-discovery.

The Boss, Bono and the Divine Liturgy:  On Being a Visitor at Church

While professing to be welcoming to visitors many local congregations communicate an exclusive atmosphere through their use of insider language and custom.  Film clips and small group discussion are used to explore the dynamic of being uncomfortable and feeling so out of place upon entering an already defined group.

Connectivity:  What’s a “Field of Dreams” Church to Do in a Cloud World?

A significant dislocation for local congregations today is the emergence of community in virtual reality.  Local congregations still operate under the assumption that if we “build it they will come” forgetting that the one we claim to worship said, “As you are going….” and one of the places avoided is community in virtual reality.

Is Virtual Reality Community Possible?  Hybrid Sunday School on the Web

A work in progress at First Baptist Church, Richmond, VA.  I’m teaching the gathering of in-class and on-line participants for Epiphany – Lent 2012.  Providing the content and the technology necessary to engage people who would not usually gather together on Sunday morning is the purpose of this work in progress.  A true hybrid community composed of on-line participants, in-studio participants and the tech crew is emerging.  What an exciting endeavor so far!  In order to view the archives on this class go to, at the bottom of the homepage click on WebClass Bible Study, on the Webcast page make sure Bible Study is highlighted and then click on See Previous Sessions.  Enjoy!

Other Possible Topics Already Developed:
Baptist Identity – four possible presentations

  • Freedom to Follow
  • John Smyth:  Resurrection Life Right Here, Right Now
  • Ann Judson
  • Religious Liberty:  For all Christians or all People?

Christianity and Islam:  Muhammad and the Christian Roman Empire

Islam began in the 7th century.  At that time Christianity was the religion of the empire whose religious decrees were enforced by the imperial army. Understanding the medieval world in which Islam began could further the ability of practitioners of these two world religions living together as neighbors in the here and now.


Women Leaders in the Early and Medieval Churches

Women have always been leaders in the Christian tradition; their leadership has not always been recognized or preserved.   Examining women’s leadership in earlier times is a portal for examining the reality of women’s leadership today.



Stormy Spirituality or a Spirituality of Storms

Using video clips and scripture this retreat presentation examines the response of believers during the storms that confront all who try to be faithful.
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