1.  …engaging … professor….  She always speaks from the heart, listens intently…, and create a safe space for sharing.  She is incredibly knowledgable on a vast array of topics, approaching each of them creatively and authentically — she never claims to know more than she does and calls on the expertise of participants to enrich everyone’s experience.  Having known Phyllis for almost 15 years as professor, speaker and colleague, I have had the opportunity to participate and observe her in a wide variety of educational experiences, each as fabulous as the one before.  Leslie, Director of Christian Education, Episcopal church

2.  PRP is one of the most requested lecturers at Westminster Canterbury.  Her ability to combine relevant and contemporary material alongside her depth of historical knowledge is a perfect fit for a single presentation or a multi-week series.  She is dynamic, energetic and absolutely brilliant.  Her passion for making the past applicable and relevant to the future is contagious and inspires others to want to continue learning and reading long after her presentations are concluded.  With humor and biblical precepts, PRP integrates cutting edge medical research and historical and contemporary church examples to produce creative and thought-provoking presentations which engage and challenge people to think in new and different ways.  She brings the saints of the past to life, to the point that you feel they are in the room with you, sharing their own stories.  She makes history rich, real and relevant.  Not only is she qualified to do what she does but she loves what she does.  Her energy and passion spread throughout the room instantaneously making her fun and entertaining in addition to knowledgable and informative.  Victoria, Chaplain

3.  Dr. Rodgerson Pleasants is a dynamic teacher, both from the pulpit and in the classroom.  She engages learners from the very beginning, leaving them eager to hear what she has to say.  I would recommend Dr. Rodgerson Pleasants for preaching and teaching, as she is excellent at both.  Kimberly, Associate Pastor, Christian (Disciples of Christ)

4.  In her presentations, “UnChristian:  When Faith Gets It Wrong and How It Can Be Made Right Again,” Dr. Rodgerson Pleasants captivated our congregation’s attention by making Church History come alive with parallels to present day challenges.  Our folks left not only with a deeper appreciation for the Church Universal, but with a keen eye on where we may be repeating past mistakes.  Her engaging, honest and personable style brings a lively and light-hearted feeling to  serious theological discussions.  Tim, Mandy, Pastors, Baptist

5.  Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants brought a wonderful mix of scholarship, humor, and sensitivity to her interpretation of the history of the Christian church.  IN a culture where even the word “history” can elicit yawns, Phyllis’ approach kept our congregants engaged, and even laughing when they weren’t having one of the frequent “ah-hah!” moments.  Additionally, Phyllis’ creative and unique application of her husband’s dementia to the way Christian institutions lose their memories infused her presentations with an immediacy and poignancy few historians achieve.  I highly recommend Phyllis to anyone interested in engaging and understanding how the past continues to live with us, shaping our future.  Every church should hear her.  And I mean it.  Drexel, Pastor, Baptist

6.  Through an engaging personality and infectious passion for church history, Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants challenges churches to not only deepen their sense of Christian identity, but to anticipate and embrace historical change.  While often we would rather retain familiar patterns at all costs, Dr. Rodgerson Pleasants brings the force of historical narrative to bear upon the perils of our own recalcitrance in the face of shifting realities.  You may be disturbed, but you will be grateful for it.  Nathan, Associate Pastor, Baptist

7.  The road less traveled invariably offers new vistas, surprising turns, and a refreshing sense of perspective.  Dr. Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants has invited parishioners at St. Paul’s to travel the back roads several time with her and we have been richly rewarded from our journeys together.  Theologically grounded, provocative, and engaging, Phyllis has led both large and small groups here which have been very well received.  We would not hesitate to invite her back!  Kate, Associate Rector, Episcopal

8.  I have experienced Dr. Rodgerson Pleasants as the guest instructor of Advent study series and as keynote speaker for Assemblies and workshops for congregations and districts of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ in Virginia).  In addition, she has been guest preacher for the West End Ecumenical Good Friday Service….  Dr. Rodgerson Pleasants is a dynamic speaker.  She engages the listener with vivid imagery and expressive energy.  She weaves together masterfully theology and scripture with the contemporary situations people and churches encounter today.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to churches and denominations seeking a coach or speaker to help them move toward relevance in the complex world and communities around us.  Carolyn, Pastor, Christian (Disciples of Christ)

9.  Dr. Rodgerson Pleasants made history come alive in her series on “When the Christian Tradition Exhibits Characteristics of Dementia.”  Through engaging and informative lecture, Dr. RP provided a foundation for rich small group discussion about our Christian heritage and its impact on our present reality.  She invited us to use our Christian heritage as a lab for interpreting and living the Christian story in our congregations today.  I would highly recommend this study for any congregation seeking to interpret faithfulness to its calling in a twenty-first century context.  Melissa, Associate Pastor, Baptist

10.  Dr. Rodgerson Pleasants gave our congregation much to think about, exploring instances in the history of the Christian church where we have forgotten our heritage and consequently have repeated the mistakes of the past.  Her grasp of history and her applications of its lessons to contemporary life are melded into uniquely engaging presentations that spark lively discussion as well as pause for reflection.  Bert, Pastor, Baptist

11.  It was a joy to have Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants lead the annual “Women’s Retreat” for Broadway Baptist Church. Through the lens of women in the history of the church, we were awakened to the understanding that our stories, as well, have gone too long untold. She shared eloquently the stories of history by empowering us to tell our own, to learn from one another and grow into the future of what our church may be – including all voices and all perspectives.  Susan, Associate Pastor, Baptist

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