About Us

At first glance, “All History Matters” may seem like a reactionary response to “Black History Matters,” similar to how “All Lives Matter” has been a hurtful response to “Black Lives Matter.” But in fact, critics of Critical Race Theory (CRT) rarely use this response because it would only amplify what we’ve been saying all along. All history DOES matter, but most curriculum across this country has been written from a cisgender white, male, Christian perspective!

Our students deserve to learn the whole truth about the history that shaped our country. They deserve to see people who look and think like them between the pages of their textbooks. They deserve to learn the good, the bad and the ugly truth about those who built this nation and the travesties and injustices that have denied some families the same opportunities that others have enjoyed for generations. Instead of passing laws that tie our educators’ hands and threaten them with punishment for teaching the truth, we should be empowering them to teach critical thinking skills about the role race, religion and sex has played in shaping our nation’s history. Don’t dumb down our kids!

Please check out our resources, tool kit and sign our letter of support. You may also contact us at moderator@allhistorymatters.com. Thank you!