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The “All History Matters” campaign is the brainchild of The Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression’s Legislative Committee and the Coalition for the People’s Agenda Education Committee. Both groups sprang into action when we learned of the anti-CRT legislation as it passed in Tennessee. We got word that Kentucky was next. Sure enough, BR60 was pre-filed the very next day, ahead of the KY General Assembly. which starts on January 4, 2021.

Our first action was to organize a press conference and encourage speakers at the July 27 JCPS School Board Meeting. We invited Senator Neal to mentor prospective speakers on talking points and explain how the messy democratic process works.

Watch some of the things said by organizational leaders during the press conference. Also watch what happens when our speakers are disrupted by a white supremacist.

Our groups continued to represent at the JCPS School Board Meetings until a sad day in October when speakers were cut off during the 6th speaker. There was an altercation that led to the ejection of all audience members and the meeting eventually canceled. no longer allowed at the JCPS board meetings as a result of an altercation at an October meeting. Listen to some podcasts we made on the subject.

Louisville, Kentucky is the home of Breonna Taylor. With nearly 100,000 students, Jefferson County Public Schools is the 29th largest school district in the country. More than 50% of its student population is non-white, compared to only 12.5% in the rest of the state. Right-wing Kentucky lawmakers have proposed two bills for the KY General Assembly, which begins on January 4, that, if passed, would serve as a gag order for our teachers who are already struggling to adequately serve our city’s high-minority, high-poverty, high-needs population. These bills, which are sponsored by white legislators who live outside of our district, represent a classic example of privilege. We mourn the loss of time and energy spent micromanaging educational professionals instead of looking forward for funding and addressing root cause issues.

For information about why we chose “All History Matters” as our slogan, please click here. The public can no longer sign up to speak at board meetings. To learn more about how you can have your voice heard or to support our grassroots efforts in other ways, please email

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These are memes we have found our others have sent to us that do a good job exposing the fallacies and hypocrisy of those who want to impose the ban on teachers. If you have a meme that is not listed here that you want to share, please send it to

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Email us pictures of your anti-racist protest signs and posters and we will publish them here. Posters for the JCPS Board meetings must be 8 1/2 x 11 to take inside. Have some of both!